Full IP / SIP - XE Master m/ kamera og 4,3 skjerm

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Full IP / SIP - XE Master m/ kamera og 4,3 skjerm

XE Master enheten har en 4,3 tommers touch skjerm. Innebygget kamera i enheten slik at man kan kommunisere med både lyd og bilde.  Numerisk kodepanel. ¤ programmerbare knapper. Kan vegg monteres eller på stativ. Strømforsynes med POE.

The XELLIP master station is integrated in a complete and powerful. Full IP multimedia system. It is native SIP, and includes the following features (depending on the version):

- Set-up of Audio / Video over IP communication
- Register on SIP Server (up to three servers)
- Manages a 12-Key keypad and special keys (picking up the line, ending the call, dictionary, on-hold)
- Manages 1 to 4 configurable buttons
- Manages a 4.3” TFT touch screen
- Manages an input « all or nothing »
- Manages  a single-pole dry contactto control a keeper or other organ
- Compliant with the French law  about “Disabled accessibility”: in the absence of accesses direct vision by personnel, intercom devices allow to view the visitor
- Manages the profiles according to the time
- Manages  its advanced automation interfaces (logical relations and schedules)
- Provides H264 video stream for recording or monitoring
- Perform auto tests automatically or on demand
- Update by TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
- Integrate  SNMP  protocol (Simple  Network  Management Protocol)
- Integrate VLAN
- Secure the Ethernet network by using the 802.1X  protocol (RADIUS)
- Backup on power failure
- POE (Power Over Ethernet)
- Handset (option)  with  an  integrated  induction  loop  for hard of hearing people
- WIFI (option)
- It can be configured, monitored and operated from any browser with its embedded web server


Compliance with European standards

Security rules according to norm EN 60950
CEM   transmission   according   to   norm   EN
55022 class B
immunity according to norm EN 55024

Mechanical properties

Protection IP40 degree according to
EN 60529
ABS case with wall suspension
Case dimensions: H 255mm x L 127mm x Ep.47mm
Weight: 550g
ZAMAC base
Dimensions with  base: H 255x L 127mm  x  P155mm
Total weight: 1kg

General electrical properties

Protection class 3 against electric shocks according to EN 60950
Storage temperature: -20°/+70°C
Operating temperature: 0 à +50°C
Power supply: 15VDC (15V à 30V).
Consumption: 15V/150mA off and 15V/200mA on


Speed acquisition: 5Hz (200ms)


1 protected and filtered TOR input
Speed acquisition: 5Hz (200ms)


Voltage free relay output
42.4 Vac/60 Vdc/5A/150VA relay cut power
Maximum frequency is 5 Hz (Minimum commutation time: 200ms)

Display screen

TFT colour touch screen 4.3”


CMOS 1/6’’ 640*480

Audio codec

G711 Ulaw/Alaw

Video codec

Video format CIF/QCIF



Ethernet network 10/100 mbit

IP static or DHCP
POE class 2, conforms with  IEEE 802.3af standard
In option: Wi-Fi wireless network in conformity with IEEE 802.11b/g standard
Secure  Ethernet  connection  using  the  802.1X
protocol (Radius)
SNMP V1 & V2c


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